First-class biosafety cabinet class III

Biosafety cabinet class 3 or Gloveboxes is the best equipment that provides a high degree of personnel protection. This type of construction is characterized by a hermetic design with a fully closed loop. Personnel use built-in gloves for contact with reagents and substances. A special compartment with a door is designed to place the necessary samples in the office.

Many elements can be chemically and biologically hazardous and harm personnel. The environment can also be affected. Sealed design and air exhaust system provides a secure work process. Data BSC class iii work best with risk group 4 microorganisms.

This system has two special filters for catching small particles. Working gloves protect the hands of personnel from burns and the harmful effects of working particles. Gloves can be conveniently changed in case of wear. The system ensures safe material supply and complete isolation of all samples from the environment.

Our company develops advanced cabinets for the highest degree of personnel protection in laboratories. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies and the introduction of high-quality materials, we provide laboratories with the best technological solutions.