Best biological safety cabinet

Biological safety cabinet is an essential attribute of any laboratory. Studies and tests are difficult to conduct in non-sterile conditions. This type of equipment provides sterile conditions, protection for personnel and the environment. The workspace is organized in such a way that the laboratory staff will have full access to the reagents for work. This is a simple solution to complex problems.

Our company produces this type of equipment for a long time. Our production lines operate with all innovative technologies. Each client can count on a high degree of reliability and resiliency of equipment. This type of equipment is easy to transport, thanks to special wheels. All equipment is compatible with a large number of accessories. This allows you to work on a large number of typical and non-standard tasks.

Each office is thoroughly tested. This allows any laboratory and research center to get a reliable solution for everyday work. Each cabinet is equipped with a modern filtration system. The mechanism cleans the air of small particles, maintaining the sterility of the workflow. This type of task is paramount to workflow safety and research effectiveness.

HEPA filters are able to catch the smallest particles. This allows for an advanced degree of protection. Biological protection is extremely important for the environment and personnel. Any workflow can be made much safer thanks to this type of equipment.